Spinal Nerves ( Important Motor Branches )

Cervical Plexus (C1-C5)

Phrenic (C3-C5): Diaphragm

Brachial Plexus (C5-T1)

Pectoral (C5-T1): Chest muscles (pectoralis major and minor).

Axillary (C5-C6): Shoulder muscles (deltoid)

Musculocutaneous (C5-C7): Anterior arm flexor muscles (biceps brachii & brachialis)

Median (C5-T1): Anterior forearm flexor muscles

Ulnar (C8-T1): Hand and wrist muscles, plus some forearm flexor muscles

Radial (C5-T1): Posterior arm and forearm extensor muscles (triceps brachii & brachioradialis).

Lumbar Plexus (L1-L4)

Femoral (L2-L4): Anterior thigh extensor muscles (quadriceps)

Obturator (L2-L4): Medial thigh adductor muscles

Sacral Plexus (L4-S4)

Guteal (superior & inferior) (L4-S2): Buttocks muscles (gluteus maximus, medius & minimus)

Sciatic nerve (L4-S3): Largest nerve of the body; composed of two nerves (tibial & common fibular) in a common sheath

Tibial (L4-S3): Posterior thigh flexor muscles (hamstrings) and calf muscles (gastrocnemius & soleus)

Fibular (common, superficial & deep) (L4-S2): Lateral leg muscles (tibialis anterior & fibularis longus)