Latin and Greek Prefixes, Root Words, and Suffixes 1, 2. 3. 4

a-                                not, without, less

ab-, abs-                    away from

abdomino                    abdomen

-able                           able to, capable of

-ac                              referring to, pertaining to

acetabulo-                   small cup

acr-, acro-                 extremity, tip, peak

acou-                          hearing

ad-                              to, toward, near

aden-, adeno-             gland

adip-, adipo-               fat, fatty

adren-                         toward the kidney

aero-                           air, oxygen

af-                               toward

ag-                              together

agon-                          contest, trial

-al                               referring to, pertaining to

ala-                             wing

alb-, albi-                   white

alg-, algi-                   pain

-algia                          painful condition

aliment-                      nourish

allel-                           of one another

allo-                            other, different

alveol-                         cavity

ambi-, ambo-             on all sides, around

amphi-                        on both sides, of both kinds

amyl-, amylo-             starch

an-                             not, without, less

-an                              pertaining to

ana-                            up, apart

anastomos-                 come together

andro-                         man, masculine

aneurysm                    a widening

angi-                           vessel

angin-                         choked

ant-, anti-                   against, opposite

-ant                             having characteristic of

ante-                           before, in front

antero-                       forward

anthr-                          joint

anti-                           against

aort-                            great artery

ap-, api-                     extremity, tip

apo-                           from, off, away, above

append-                       hang to

-apsi                            juncture

aqua-, aque-              water

arbor                          tree

areola-                        open space

arrect-                         upright

arteria                         artery

arthr-, arthro-            joint

artic-                           joint, speech

-ary                             connected with, relating to

-ase                             enzyme

-asia, -asis                 condition of

ast-, astro-                star

-asthen                        weakness

-ata, -ate                   possessing

athero-                       fat

-ation                          process, condition

atri-                            vestibule

atrio-                          entryway

audit-                          hearing

auri-                           ear

auscult-                       listen

aut-, auto-                  self

ax-, axi-, axo-           axis, axle

azot-                            nitrogen

azyg-                           unpaired

baro-                           pressure

bas-                             base, foundation

bene-                          good, well

bi-, bis-                      two, double

bili-                             bile

bio-                             life

bis-                              two

blast-, blasto-             precursor, bud, producer

blephar-                      eyelid

brachi-                        arm

brady-                         slow

brev-                           short

broncho-                     bronchus, windpipe

-bryo                           swollen

bucca-, bucco-           cheek

burs-                          sac, purse

calc-                           calcium, stone

callo-                         thick

calor-                          heat

calv-, calvari-           bald, skull

calyx                           cup, vessel

capill-                         hair

capit-, caput-             head

capni-                        carbon dioxide, smoke

carcin-                        cancer

cardi-, cardio-           heart

carneo-                       flesh

carot-                          carrot, stupor

carpo-                        wrist

case-                          cheese

cata-                           down

caud-                          tail

cec-                             blind

-cel                              little

cele-, celi-                  belly, abdomen

-centesis                      puncture

centri-                        center, middle

cephal-                        head

cerebro-                      brain

cervi-, cervix              neck, narrow part

chiasm-                       crossing

choano-                      funnel

chole-                          bile, gall

cholecyst                     gallbladder

chondr-                       cartilage

chrom-                        colored

chrono-                      time

-cide                            destroy, kill

cili-                             small hair

-cipit                           head

circ-, circum-             around

cirrh-                          yellow

cis-                              on the same side, cut

cisterna                       reservoir

-clast                           break down

clavic-                         hammer, club, key

-cle                              little

cleido-                        clavicle

cnemo-                       lower leg

co-                              with, together

coccy-                         cuckoo

cochlea                       snail shell

coel-                            hollow

collo-                         glue, hill

colo-                           colon

colp-, colpo-              vagina

com-, con-                  with, together

commis-                      united

concha                        shell

contra-                        against, opposite

corn-, corni-              horn

cor-, coron-               heart

coron-                         crown

corp-                           body

cort-                            bark

cost-, costo-               rib

coxa-                          hip

crani-                          skull, helmet

cribri-                        sieve, strainer

-crine                          separate

crino-                         separate, secrete

crista-                        crest

crito-                          to separate

cruci-                         cross

crypt-                          hidden

-cule, -culus             small

cune-                          wedge

cutane-, cuti-            skin

cusp-                           pointed

cuta-, cutic-               skin

cyan-                           blue

cyst-, cysto-                sac, bladder

cyt-, cyto-, -cyte        cell

de-                              away from, down, without

decid-                          falling off

delta                            triangular

demi-                          half

den-, dent-                 tooth

dendr-                         tree, branch

derm-, dermato-         skin

desmo-                        band, ligament

di-                               two, double

dia-                             across, through, separate

dialys-                         separate, break apart

diastol-                       stand apart

diplo-                          two, double

-dips                            thirst, dry

dis-                              apart, opposite, absence

diure-                          urinate

dors-                           the back

duc-, duct                   to lead, to carry

duoden                        twelve, duodenum

dura                            hard, tough

dys-                             bad, abnormal, painful

e-                               out

-eal                             pertaining to

ec-, ecto-                    away from, outside, external

-ectasia, -ectasis         dilation, expansion

-ectomy                       cutting out

ectop-                          displaced

edem-                          swelling

ef-                               away, out of

ejac-                            to shoot forth

-el, -elle                     small

electro-                      electricity

embol-                        wedge, obstruction

-emia                          condition of blood

em-                              in, inside, within

emesi-, emeti-           vomiting

-emia                          blood condition

en-                             in, into, within

enceph-                       brain

enchymo-                   poured in

end-, endo-                 within, into, inner

enter-, entero-            gut, intestine

epi-                             upon, on, above

equi-                           equal

ergo-                           work, energy, action

eryth-, erythro-         red

-esis                            condition of

eso-                             within

esophag-                     esophagus

-esthesia                     sensation, feeling

eu-                              true, good, normal

excret-                         separate

ex-, exo-                     outside, exterior

extra-                          outside, beyond

extrins-                       from the outside

fasci-, fascia-             bundle, band

facili-                          easy

fasci-                           band, bundle

fenestr-                       window

-fer, -ferent                carry

fer-                             to carry

ferri-, ferro-               iron

fibro-                          fiber

fili-                             thread

flagell-                        whip

flat-                             blow, blown

foli-                            leaf

folli-                            bag, bellows

fontan-                        fountain

foram-                         opening

fore-                            before, in front of

-form, -forma             shape

foss-                            ditch

fove-                           pit, depression

-fuge                           driving out

funiculo-                    little rope, cord

fusi-                            spindle, pour out

gam-, gamet-             marriage, union

gangli-                        swelling, knot

gastr-, gastro-            belly, stomach

gen-                            birth, produce

-gen                            precursor of, initiate

-genesis, -genic          producing, formation

genio-                        chin

germi-                        sprout, grow, microbe

gero-, geront-            old age

gest-                            to bear, carry, pregnancy

gingiv-                        gums

glauc-                         gray

-glea, -glia                 glue

globu-                        ball, sphere

glom-                          ball

gloss-, glosso-            tongue

gluco-                         sugar

glute-                          buttock

glyco-                          sugar 

gnost-                          knowing

gompho-                     nail

gon-, gono-                seed, generation, corner

gradi-                         walk, step

-gram                          recording of

-graph                         recording instrument

-graphy                       recording process

gravi-                         severe, heavy

-gument                       body covering

gust-                            taste

gyn-, gynec-               woman, female

gyro-                          turn, twist

hallu-                         great toe

hapt-                           fasten, grasp

hema-, hemato-          blood

hemi-                          half

-hemia                         blood condition

hepar-, hepat-            liver

heter-, hetero-            different, other

hiat-                            gap

hippo-                         horse

hirsut-                         hairy

hist-, histo-                 tissue

holo-                           whole

homeo-                       constant, unchanging

homo-                        same, alike

hormon-                      to excite

humor-                        a fluid

hyal-                           clear, glassy

hydr-, hydro-             water

hygro-                         moisture

hyper-                         excessive, above, over

hypno-                         sleep

hypo-                          under, below, deficient

-hypophysis                 undergrowth

hyster-, hystero-         uterus, womb

-ia                               condition, state

-iatrics                        medical specialty

-ian                             pertaining to

-iasis                           condition or state

-ic                               pertaining to

-ician                          person associated with

-icle, -icul                  small

-ics                              science of

ile-                              intestine

ilia-                            flank, loin

-illa, -illus                  little

im-, in-                       in, within, not

-in                               protein

infra-                          below, beneath

infundibulum              funnel

ino-                            fiber

insulo-                        island

inte                              whole

intego                          to cover

inter-                           between, among

intercal-                      insert

intra-                          within, inside

iono-                          ion

ipsi-                            same

ischi-                           hip

-ism                             condition, state, belief

iso-                              equal, same

-issimus                       most, greatest

-ite                              little

-itis                             inflammation

jug-                            to join

jugul-                          throat

juxta-                          near, close to, next to

kali-                            potassium

kera-                           horn

karyo-                         kernel, nucleus

kilo-                            thousand

kin-, kines-                 motion, action

labi-, labri-                lip

lacera-                       torn, cut

lacri-                           tears

lact-                            milk

lacun-                         space, cavity, lake

lamell-                        small plate

lamina                        layer, sheet

laryngo-                      larynx

lat-                              wide

laten-                          hidden

later-                           side

lati-                            broad

laparo-                        loin

-lemm                          sheath, husk

lenti-                          lens

-let                              small

leuko-                          white

leva-                            to raise, elevate

ligo-                           to bind

line-                           line

lingu-                          tongue

lip-, lipo-                    lipid, fatty

lith-                             stone

-logy                           study of

luci-                            clear

lucid-                         light, clear

lumb-                          loin, lower back

lumen                          light

lun-                            moon, crescent

lut-                              yellow

lymph                          water

-lysis                           loosening, breaking down

lyso-, lyto-                 split apart, break down

macro-                        large, long

macul-, macula          spot

magn-                         large

mal-, malign-             bad, abnormal

-malacia                     softening

malle-                        hammer

mamm-                        breast

-mania                        obsession, compulsion

mano-                        hand

manubri-                    handle

mast-                           breast

mater                          mother

meat-                          passage

medi-                          middle

medull-                       marrow

mega-, megalo-          large

-megaly                       enlarged

meio-                          less

melan-                        black

men-, menstru-           month

meningo-                     membrane

mento-                        chin

mer-, mero-                a part

-mers                          parts

meso-                          in the middle

meta-                          after, behind, beyond

metabol-                    change

-meter                         measuring device

metri-                         length, measure

metro-                         uterus

micro-                         small

mictur-                        urinate

mito-                           thread, filament

mnem-                         memory

mono-                         one, single

morpho-                      form

multi-                          many

mur-                            wall

muta-                          change

myelo-                         marrow, spinal cord

myo-, mysi-                muscle

nano-                          dwarf

narco-                         numbness

naso-                           nose

-nata                           birth

natri-                          sodium

necro-                         dead, corpse

neo-                            new

nephro-                       kidney

neuro-                         nerve

nitro-                          nitrogen

noci-                           harmful

noct-                           night

nom-                           name

-nom                           govern

non-                            not

noto-                           back

nucleo-                       nucleus, kernel

nutri-                          feed, nourish

ob-                              before, against

ocul-, oculo-              eye

odont-, odonto-          tooth

-odyn                          pain

-oid                             like, resembling

-ole                            small

olfact-                         smell

oligo-                          few

-oma                          tumor, mass

omo-                          shoulder

onco-                          a mass, tumor

onych-                        nail, claw

oo-                              egg

op-                             vision

-opathy                       disease of

ophthalm-                   eye

-opsy                          viewing, to see

or-                               mouth

orb-, orbi-                  circular

orchi-, orchido           testis

org-                             living

ortho-                          straight, normal

-oma                           tumor

-opia                           defect of the eye

ortho-                          straight, correct, direct

-orrhaphy                   surgical repair

-ory                             referring to

os-                               mouth

-ose                            sugar, full of

-osis                            process, condition, disease

osmo-                          smell, push

osseo-, osteo-             bone

-ostomy                       create an opening

ot-, oto-                      ear

-otomy                        surgical incision

-ous                            full of, like, pertaining to

ov-, ovi-                     egg

ovari-, ovario-          ovary

oxy-                             oxygen

palli-                          pale

palpebr-                      eyelid

pan-                            all, universal

panni-                        cloth, rag

papill-                         nipple

par-                            birth

para-                           near, beside, next to

parieto-                      wall

path-, patho-              disease, feeling

-pathy                         disease

pect-, pectus               chest, breast, comblike

ped-, pedi-                 foot, child

pelv-                            basin

peni-                           tail

-penia                         deficiency

penna-                         feather

pent-                           five

pep-, peps-                 digest

pept-                           digest

per-, permea-             through

peri-                            around

perine-                        perineum

perone-                      fibula

phag-                          eat

-phage                         ingesting

pharyngo-                   pharynx

-phasia                        speech

pheno-                         show, appear

philo-, -philic             loving, attracted to

phleb-, phlebo-          vein

phobo-, -phobic         fearing, repelled by

phor-                          to carry, bear

photo-                         light

-phragm                      partition

phren-                         diaphragm

-phylax                        guard, preserve

physio-                       nature, natural cause

-physis                       growth

pia                              tender, delicate

pilo-, pili                    hair

pin-, pino-                  drink

planto-                       sole of foot

plasi-                          growth

-plasm                         form, shape

plasti-                        form

-plasty                         reconstruction of a part

platy-                          flat, broad

-plegia                        paralysis

pleur-                          side, rib

plex-, plexus               net, network

-pnea                          breath, breathing

pneumo-                      air, breath, lung

pod-                            foot

-poies                          forming, making

poly-                           many, multiple

post-                            after, behind

pre-                             before, ahead of

primi-                         first

pro-                            before, first, promote

proct-, procto-           rectum, anus

pron-                           bent forward

propri-                        one's own

proteo-                        protein

proto-                          first, highest

pseudo-                       false

psycho-, psyche         mind

ptero-, pterygo-         wing

ptos-                            fall

-ptosis                         falling, sagging

pub-                            of the pubis

pulmo-                        lung

puncto-                      point

pyelo-                          renal pelvis

pyo-                            pus

pyro-                           fire, fever

quad-, quadri-           four

quater-                       fourth

radiat-                        radiating

radio-                          radiation

rami-                          branch

re-                               back, again

rect-, recto-                 straight, rectum

ren-, reno-                 kidney

reti-, retin                  net, network

retinac-                      retainer, bracelet

retro-                          backward, behind

rheum-                        watery flow, change, flux

-rhexis                         rupture

rhin-, rhino-               nose

rhombo-                     rhombus

-rrhage                       abnormal discharge

-rrhea                         flow, discharge

rubo-, rubro-            red

ruga-, rugo-               fold, wrinkle

sacculo-                     little sac

sacr-, sacro-              sacrum

sagitt-                         arrow

salpingo-                     a tube

salta-                          leap

sanguin-                      blood

sarco-                         flesh, muscle

saphen-                       visible, clear

scala-                         staircase

scler-, sclero-             hard, tough

-scope                         instrument

scopo-                        see

-scopy                         to examine visually

seb-                             grease

secto-                         cut

semen                          seed, sperm

semi-                           half

sens-                           feeling

sep-                             rotten, toxic

sepsi-, septi-               infection

septum                        fence

sero-                           serum

serrat-                         saw

sex-                             six

sin-, sino-                   a hollow

-sis                             process

skeleto-                       skeleton

sole-                           sole of foot, sandal

soma-, somato-          body

-some                          body

somn-                          sleep

-sorb                           suck in

sphin-                          squeeze

spheno-                      wedge

spiro-                         breathing

splanchn-                    viscera, organ

spleno-                       spleen, bandage

spondyl-                      vertebra

squam-                        scale, flat

-stalsis                        compression

stasi-, stati-               put, remain, stay the same

-stasis                         arrest, fixation

sten-, steno-               narrow

ster-, stereo-             solid, three-dimensional

sterno-                       chest, breast

-stitia                          come to stand

-stomy                         form an artificial opening

strat-                           layer

stria-                           stripe, streak, furrow

stroma                        spread out

sub-                             below, beneath, under

sucr-                           sweet

sudor-                         sweat

sulc-                           furrow, groove

super-, supra-            above, beyond, excess

sura-                          calf of leg

sym-, syn-                  together, with

synerg-                        work together

systol-                         contraction

tachy-                          rapid, fast

tact-                            touch

tarsi-                          ankle

tecto-                          roof, cover

-tegm                          cover

tegument-                    covering, skin

telo-                            last, end

templ-, tempo-           time

tens-                            stretched

terti-                            third

tetan-                          rigid, tense

theli-                          nipple, female, tender

therm-                         heat

thorac-, thoraco-        thorax

thromb-                       clot

thyr-, thyro-               shield, thyroid gland

-tion                           process

tissu-                           woven

toci-                           birth

tomo-                        cut, segment

-tomy                          cutting into

tono-                           force, tension

topo-                          place, position

tox-                             poison

trab-                            beam, plate

trache-, tracheo-        trachea

trans-                          across, through

trapez-                        table, trapezoid

tri-                              three

tricho-                        hair

-tripsy                         crushing

trocho-                       pulley, wheel

trop-                            change, to turn

troph-                         food, nourishment, growth

-trophy                        nutrition

-trud                            thrust

tuber-                          swelling

tunic-                          coat, covering

-ty                               condition of, state

tympan-                       drum

-ul                              small

ultra-                          excess, beyond

un-                              not, removal

-uncle, -unculus         small

uni-                           one

uretero-                       ureter

urethr-, urethro         urethra

uri-, -uria                   urine

uro-                             urinary

uter-, utero-               uterus, womb

utriculo-                     little bag

vacc-                           cow

vagin-, vagino-          sheath, vagina

vago-, vagus              wanderer

valen-                          strength

vas-, vaso-                 vessel, duct

vena-                           vein

ventr-, venter             abdomen, belly

vent-                            the wind

vermi-                        worm

vert-                            turn

vertebro-                    spine

vesico-                       bladder, blister

vestibul-                      a porch

vibr-                            shake, quiver

villo-, villus                hair, hairy

viscero-, viscera        organ

viscos-                         sticky

vita-                            life

vitre-                           glassy

viv-                              live

vulv-, vulvo-               a covering, vulva

zygo-                          union, join, mate

-zyme                          ferment


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