Human Body Areas

Abdominal                  Abdomen

Acromial                     Point of Shoulder

Antebrachial               Forearm

Antecubital                 Front of Elbow

Axillary                      Armpit

Brachial                      Arm

Buccal                         Cheek

Calcaneal                    Heel of Foot

Carpal                         Wrist

Caudal                        Tail

Cephalic                     Head

Cervical                      Neck

Clavicular                   Collar Bone

Costal                         Ribs

Coxal                          Hip

Cranial                        Skull

Crural                         Leg

Cubital                        Elbow

Deltoid                        Curve of Shoulder

Digital                         Fingers & Toes

Dorsal                         Upper Back

Femoral                      Thigh

Fibular                        Side of Leg

Frontal                        Forehead

Genital                        Reproductive Organs

Gluteal                        Buttock

Hallux                         Great Toe

Inguinal                      Groin

Lumbar                       Loin

Mammary                   Breast

Manual                       Hand

Mental                        Chin

Nasal                          Nose

Nuchal                        Back of Neck

Occipital                     Back of Head

Olecranal                    Point of Elbow

Oral                            Mouth

Orbital                        Eye

Otic                             Ear

Palmar                        Palm

Patellar                       Kneecap

Pectoral                       Chest

Pedal                           Foot

Pelvic                          Pelvis

Perineal                       Between Groin & Anus

Peroneal                      Side of Leg

Plantar                        Sole of Foot

Pollex                         Thumb

Popliteal                     Back of Knee

Pubic                          Groin

Sacral                          Between Hips

Scapular                      Shoulder Blade

Sternal                        Breastbone

Sural                           Calf

Tarsal                          Ankle

Thoracic                     Chest

Umbilical                    Navel

Ventral                        Belly

Vertebral                     Spinal Column