Anatomy and Physiology Glossaries

Glossary for Anatomy and Physiology

Latin and Greek Prefixes, Root Words, and Suffixes

Glossary for Microbiology

Human Body Areas

Chemistry Terms

Biochemistry Terms

Cell Organelle Terms

Membrane Transport Systems

Microscope Terms

Tissue Terms

Integumentary System Terms

Bone Histology Terms

Skeletal System Terms

Joint Terms

Muscle Histology Terms

Muscular System Terms

Nerve Histology Terms

Brain Terms

Cranial Nerve Terms

Spinal Nerve Terms

ANS Effects

Eye Terms

Ear Terms

Endocrine Terms

Blood Terms

Heart Terms

Blood Vessel Terms

Arteries and Veins

Lymphatic and Immune Terms

Respiratory Terms

Digestive System Terms

Digestion Terms

Vitamins and Minerals

Urinary Terms

Reproductive Terms

Embryonic Development Terms

Heredity Terms

Inheritance and Genetic Diseases

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